Referrer Scheme

Referrer Scheme

Announcing Altrico’s Referrer Scheme Where You Can Make Money

How Does It Work?

As an existing client of Altrico Limited if you recommend us to another business and they use any of our services you will receive 25% of the net profit for the first year. If the referred company takes out one of our support plans you will receive £250 pro rata.

When Do I Receive My Referrer Fee?

The fee will be paid to the referrer within 30 days of the referred party paying their invoice or in the case of a support contract the fee can be paid quarterly, half yearly or at the end of the year.

Can I Use My Fee To Pay Towards My Support Bill?

Yes you can, just notify us by email and we will amend the costs accordingly. If the referred party takes out a support plan we can start reducing your bill by up to 25% one month after the referred party pays their first instalment.

Please see below for the terms and conditions of the scheme:

  • The referral fee amount is inclusive of VAT.
  • Non customers of Altrico Ltd are welcome to participate in the scheme by referring new customers.
  • Altrico Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the referral scheme at any time.
  • Altrico Ltd is under no obligation to sign up the referred party (person, business or organisation) as a customer, or to provide any services to that party.
  • The referral fee will only be paid to the referrer when the referred party pays Altrico Ltd their initial contract fee or invoice for work that is carried out.
  • In the event the referred party takes out a support plan after using our services Altrico Ltd will only provide either £250 support plan payment or 25% net profit from services provided, not both.
  • If the referred company cancels the contract then the referrer fee is calculated pro rata.
  • The referrer is free to use any form of advertising on their website to send visitors to Altrico Ltd, with the exception of any advertising that brings the reputation of Altrico Ltd in disrepute.
  • The referrer must not send unsolicited email (SPAM) as a means of generating referrers.
  • Referred parties that telephone the office will be encouraged to say how they were introduced, but there is no guarantee that the referrer will be accurately identified.
  • Any contravention of these terms and conditions will exclude the referrer from this scheme and no referral fees will be paid.