Remote Connectivity

Altrico’s Remote Network Connectivity solution extends your company's full LAN capabilities and applications to offices and employees regardless of location. That means your employees can work from anywhere and at any time, improving productivity throughout your organization.

Remote Dial In: Allows home users and branch offices to connect securely to the main site from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Protect Remote Computers: Secure remote computers to reduce the possibility of hackers gaining sensitive company data and prevent infection from viruses and worms. Locking down remote computers reduces the likelihood of it pushing a virus or worm throughout the network and compromising corporate data and assets.

Remote Email: Some workers whilst on the road or at home only require access to their email, there are some very flexible and secure ways of doing this and any device that runs a web browser can be used, such as a Pocket PC with GPRS or even a mobile phone. This is becoming a very popular solution as most networks already have the infrastructure in place and need only outlay a small amount of capital to get it going.

Security Professionals and Microsoft Experts

Altrico are security professionals, so you can be confident your remote access is protected access. No one gets access unless you want them to. We are also experts with regards to all Microsoft platforms, so you can be sure that your solution is an integrated one that users and administrators find easy to use and maintain.

Altrico’s: 4 Ways to a Secure, Reliable Solution

Our solutions are reliable, secure and built just for your business network. We ensure reliability and security four ways.

Integrated Authentication: Authentication integrated with Windows Domain/Active Directory for a single log-on username/password combination.

Enhanced multi-factor authentication: Token-based authentication can be added for an additional layer of security.

Policy Definition and Enforcement: VPN access can be enabled and limited by group policy to provide time-of-day and additional user account permissions for increased control over data access.

VPN Deployment: Implement "always-connected" remote access with hardware-based Virtual Private Networks (VPN).