Business ADSL

Today, thousands of businesses are moving to high-speed broadband connections, discovering they can reduce costs and benefit from significantly better speed and quality. Our ADSL service is available now with installation in as little as 7 days.

With ADSL you can access the Internet at speeds up to 30 times faster than ISDN and download Internet files in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

ADSL Backup

If you are concerned about reliability or have mission critical requirements, ADSL backup service for your Leased Line could be for you.

ADSL backup is designed to automatically and immediately restore the connection with minimum interruption to service. The High Speed (2Mbs) 20:1 contention ADSL connection will assume all the same IP addresses as the leased line meaning that you do not have to change any settings or reconfigure servers.

Once connected there are no costly per minute charges as with other backup solutions and the connection will automatically revert back to the leased line once the circuit is restored.

SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) offers you high-speed broadband connectivity with a superior level of service, reliability and flexibility at a price that provides you with substantial cost savings in comparison to a leased line. SDSL is synchronous, meaning that it offers the same speed in both directions making it the perfect solution for companies that rely on the Internet and remote connectivity. SDSL gives your remote users quick and easy access to email and centralised files it is the recommended service if you have a number of remote workers.