Network Security

Altrico’s Security Consultants can identify where the security holes are in your network, highlight any vulnerability and provide solutions to strengthen your networks protection. Our Security Consultants can customise the solution to meet your corporate security objectives, create secure network designs and implement them to protect your valuable corporate resources.

The rise in businesses’ reliance on data has been matched step-for-step by an ever increasing number of threats to the security and integrity of digital information. Whether it is the threat of viruses, worms and other malware or malicious data theft and corruption by hackers, cyber criminals or competitors, this new enemy is a constantly evolving and ever present threat to any computer network.

When considering security, many think in terms of surviving virus outbreaks, dealing with unsolicited mail (spam) and catching malicious code received through e-mail or unintentional web downloads.

Rarely considered risks (until too late) such as intrusion, denial of service, loss of confidential data, internal systems abuse and cyber-liability each need consideration and management.

Attacks on computer networks from the Internet have dramatically increased in sophistication and frequency over the last year. These attacks are affecting all types of networks from a handful of users up to large corporations. Many people believe that their IT system is not a computer hacker's target. This can be an expensive mistake. Even if you believe that the data you store on your network is not sufficiently sensitive to attract a hacker attack, most of the more common attacks occurring today use automated systems, roaming the Internet looking for vulnerable networks. These attacks can occur randomly so it's only a matter of time before any poorly protected system is hit. This will cost time, money and possibly lost data.

A scenario which is becoming more and more common is where a user picks up a trojan just by browsing an innocent website. This trojan will then lay in wait going completely unnoticed and then when the user logs into a secure site such as an internet banking site the hidden trojan logs the keystrokes and transmits them back to the cyber criminal/hacker.

To combat these possibilities we provide a range of services to help you to plan, design, implement and operate your network and systems in the most secure and cost effective manner possible.

· Authentication
· Firewall deployment
· High availability
· Dual tier firewall deployment
· Intrusion detection
· Secure remote access
· Content screening
· Secure network management
· Risk management
· Penetration testing / health check assessments
· Vulnerability Testing
· Virus Scanning

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