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Security experts agree that an overwhelming majority of all security breaches could have been prevented if software patches and updates had been applied when they were first available.

Patch management is a circular process and must be ongoing. The unfortunate reality about software vulnerabilities is that, after you apply a patch today, a new vulnerability must be addressed tomorrow.

Develop and automate a patch management process that includes each of the following:

Detect. Use tools to scan your systems for missing security patches. The detection should be automated and will trigger the patch management process.

Assess. If necessary updates are not installed, determine the severity of the issue(s) addressed by the patch and the mitigating factors that may influence your decision. By balancing the severity of the issue and mitigating factors, you can determine if the vulnerabilities are a threat to your current environment.

Acquire. If the vulnerability is not addressed by the security measures already in place, download the patch for testing.

Test. Install the patch on a test system to verify the ramifications of the update against your production configuration.

Deploy. Deploy the patch to production computers. Make sure your applications are not affected. Employ your rollback or backup restore plan if needed.

Maintain. Subscribe to notifications that alert you to vulnerabilities as they are reported. Begin the patch management process again.

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