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The management of desktops in today’s Windows enterprise requires centralized configuration, deployment, security, and support, allowing administrators to manage 10,000 desktops as easily as 10.

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Criston Precision offers a complete solution for automating client systems management. With its innovative administration and dynamic client management capabilities Criston Precision offers unmatched solutions for the following management tasks:


Criston Precision collects comprehensive hardware and software inventory from miscellaneous sources (WMI, RPM, MSI, registry, disk scanning, etc). A custom inventory allows administrators to specify additional data columns that may be updated via import or by direct intervention via the console. Criston Precision reports can consolidate any type of data stored in the database.


Criston Precision completely simplifies and automates the deployment and update of applications and operating systems. Easy to use through dynamic administration and scheduled distributions, Criston Precision allows simultaneous multi-system distributions with optimised differential integrity control. The module offers amongst others native Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) support, thus making direct use of the package format to reduce deployment efforts. With the aim of making distributions 100% reliable while at the same time reducing operating costs, Criston Precision integrates advanced functionalities regarding the management of data flow, schedule, monitoring, etc. Criston Precision specifically makes use of the Wake-On-LAN functionality to automatically wake up any clients currently switched off and integrates a monitoring tool that understands deployment key statistics. The Multicast distribution allows for parallel software distribution to an unlimited number of clients while at the same time limiting server resource usage as well as bandwidth consumption. Criston Precision administrators can also notify their end-users through a web inter face when new applications are available and avoid unnecessary installations.


The remote control features of Criston Precision allow IT administrators to remotely support and train their end-users. Additional functionalities are directly integrated in the console to simplify helpdesk: file, task, event and service management.



Criston Precision provides the possibility to monitor predefined events and guarantee device compliance to policies and rules established by the administrator. This allows, for example, to prohibit access to certain system functions, the installation of undesirable applications or to proactively detect involuntary changes.


Criston Precision offers seamless integration with Microsoft technologies allowing for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective OS rollout. Criston Precision's automated inventory and reporting capabilities are used to determine the current state of the IT environment and to determine OSD needs. OS rollout is prepared by configuring the set-up and building software distribution packages. Criston Precision agents launch the appropriate data and configuration backups and record the applications deployed previously. Criston Precision automatically deploys the appropriate applications to the new systems and restores user data.