How To Set up a VPN connection in Windows XP Pro

How to set up a VPN connection in Windows XP Professional

Open ‘Network Connections’ either by right clicking on the ‘My Network Places’ icon on the desktop and clicking properties or by opening the ‘Control Panel’ and double clicking the ‘Network Connections’ icon.

From this window you should see your existing connections. If you have common tasks enabled click on ‘Create a new connection’ under ‘Network Tasks’.

If not click ‘File’ and ‘New Connection’ this will open the ‘New Connection Wizard’ as below, then click Next

VPN Setup 1

Select the second option ‘Connect to the network at my workplace’ and click Next

vpn setup 2

Select Virtual Private Network connection, click Next

vpn setup 3

In the Company Name field type in the name of the Company you are connecting to, it can say anything you like in this field, click Next

vpn setup 4

Select ‘Do no dial the initial connection’ if you have an always on Internet connection, Broadband and ADSL is usually always on. If you have to dial-up to get your Internet choose ‘Automatically dial this initial connection’ and choose the connection you want it to dial from the drop down list. Click Next.

vpn setup 5

Enter the hostname or IP address if you have a static WAN IP address. If the router/computer you are connecting to only has a dynamic WAN address you can register with NO IP or DYNDNS this will give you a permanent hostname to go with your dynamic IP address. Click Next.

vpn setup 6

Choose 'My use only' if you are the only user of the computer or choose 'Anyone's use' if you share the computer with other users and they need access to the same VPN connection, Click Next.

vpn setup 7

If you would like a shortcut to this connection on your desktop tick the box and Click Finish.

vpn setup 8

Enter your username and password and tick the save box if you wish not to enter them next time, Click Connect.

vpn setup 9

If you connect successfully you should get a message on the screen telling you so, if not do not worry as you will always see a small icon like this vpn setup 10 in the bottom right of your screen whenever the VPN is connected. When you are ready to disconnect just right click this icon and click disconnect the icon should then disappear.