How To Find Your IP Address in Windows XP Pro

How to find your IP address in Windows XP Professional

There are a few ways in which to find your IP address in Windows XP Professional, some of them are explained here.

In most cases the IP address will be assigned by DHCP, which means it is not static, a static address never changes whereas DHCP addresses do.

First Method:

Open ‘Network Connections’ either by right clicking on the ‘My Network Places’ icon on the desktop and clicking properties or by opening the ‘Control Panel’ and double clicking the ‘Network Connections’ icon. Note that the control panel might be in "Category View" in which case you click "Network and Internet Connections" and then "Network Connections".

In the network connections window you will see a "Local Area Connection" icon and if using Wireless a "Wireless Network Connection" icon. Double click the icon that corresponds to the type of connection you are using.


A new window will open, click the "Support" tab and the IP information will be displayed as below.



Second Method:

This method is a lot quicker, by double clicking the "Local Area Connection" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, known as the "Notification Area" you will open the "Status window" as above.

vpn setup 10

If this icon does not appear there then you will need to follow the steps in method 1 but instead of clicking the "Support" tab, from the general tab click properties and you will see the window below, make sure "Show icon in notification area when connected" is ticked then click OK.

IP Address 3


Third Method:

Click "Start" then click "Run" and type cmd as below then click OK.


The command prompt window should open as below, don't worry if it doesn't look exactly the same, you may have C:\documents and settings\username> which is fine.

Type the word "Ipconfig" without the quotes and press Enter.


IPConfig Windows XP

After pressing "Enter" you should see the IP address as displayed below

ipconfig command