How to - Add a signature in Outlook 2003

How to add a signature in Outlook

You can easily eliminate the extra work it takes to type your contact information at the end of each e-mail message. Create an e-mail signature once, and each time you send an e-mail, your recipients will receive that signature with your contact information Note Signatures are specific to one computer

Step 1: Open Outlook. On the Tools menu, select Options.

Step 2: Click the Mail Format tab and then click on the Signatures button in the Signature section.

Step 4: Click New

Step 5: Type a name in Enter a name for your new signature.

Step 6: Click Start with a blank signature.

Step 7: Click Next

Step 8: Type in the text of your signature in the Signature Text box.

Step 9: Modify the font or paragraph settings by clicking Font or Paragraph.

Step 10: When done, click Finish.

Step 11: Click OK.

Step 12: "In the Signature for new messages list on the Mail Format tab, your signature name will appear by default. Your signature will now be applied to all new messages. If you wish to have your signature applied to replies or forwards, click your signature in the Signature for replies and forwards list.

Step 13: If you wish to manually add your signature, click in the Signature for new messages list and Signature for replies and forwards list. See step 14 for further instructions on how to insert your signature manually."

Step 14: To manually add your signature to your e-mails, click Insert > Signature and then click (Your Signature Name). You can also click the Signature button from the toolbar.