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Education - Smart Boards-Flat Panel

The protective overlay adds interactive whiteboard functionality to your plasma or liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. You simply touch the display to control any computer application or write in digital ink and then save all your work to print, e-mail or post online.

Compatible with a broad range of flat-panel display sizes and brands, SMART Board for Flat-Panel Displays interactive whiteboards use DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology to ensure touch precision without compromising image quality.

SMART Technologies Inc. produce the SMART Board for Flat-Panel Displays interactive overlay gives you touch control of your display. Once fitted to your plasma or liquid crystal display panel the touch-sensitive overlay allows all the functionalities of an interactive whiteboard including drawing, displaying images and controlling software applications.

The overlay material is an anti-glare polyester which has been hard-coated for scratch resistance and designed for optimum transparency. The SMART Board is available in a large range of sizes from 40 inches to 61 inches.

SMART’s proprietary DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology uses digital cameras in the corners of the display to track contact with the screen. SMART “Touch gestures” allows users to use hand/finger gestures to mimic mouse functionalities. Scrolling is achieved by touching the overlay with two fingers and dragging them up and down or side to side. Similarly, a right mouse click is achieved by touching a the overlay with one finger then pressing another finger to the right of it. This functionality reduces the time spent searching for the right buttons to press.