Smart Boards

Education - Smart Boards- Front Projection-600 series

The SMART Board interactive 600 series whiteboard fits easily into any room. The board can be wall mounted or used mobile (with the optional stand) - Connect your projector and computer to display your desktop on the interactive whiteboard surface. Control your PC, write (annotate) over any software. Use your finger or pens supplied.


Touch to control your computer

Write, erase and perform mouse functions with your finger, a pen or an eraser – you need no proprietary tools.

Pick up a pen and write

Pick up a pen or the eraser, and the pen tray automatically detects which tool you’ve selected. Buttons activate the On-Screen Keyboard, right-click and help function.

Save your ideas

Capture your work to SMART Notebook software as a screen shot that you can edit, or save your notes directly into several software applications, including Windows versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel, or AutoCAD software.

Choose from two wide-format and three standard size options


Active screen area
94" (238.8 cm) 16:9 aspect ratio
87" (221.0 cm) 16:10 aspect ratio

The optimal projector for the 685 and 690 models should have a 16:10 and 16:9 aspect ratio, respectively

Standard format

Active screen area
680 77" (195.6 cm)
660 64" (162.6 cm)
640 48" (121.9 cm)

NOTE: The active screen area is the area of the screen that is both touch-sensitive and projectable.

Download the Specifications Guide for more details: