Case Study - Manor Pharmacy Group

After having had another considerable invoice from our past supplier, and feeling increasingly dissatisfied with their service levels and pricing I decided it was time to source a new IT support company.

Having had some experience of IT myself I spoke with a number of friends and associates to ask their advice on a new provider, and I was lucky enough to be given the contact details of Chris and John at Altrico.

Having been used to such issues as being sent junior engineers to deal with our problems (who then spent the vast majority of their time on the phone to the office, whilst charging us at their ridiculous rate), incorrect invoices, overcharges for problems that they themselves had created (and then had to fix) and slow response times when I had a problem, I was massively impressed by the Altrico “can do” attitude and professionalism.

We arranged a visit to our Head Office and Altrico carried out a completely free site survey, and then accompanied me to a few of our branches to complete the assessment.

I was in receipt of their report as promised the following morning, and after a brief discussion with the management team we signed up for a group deal.

As IT Lead for the business this has personally saved a huge amount of time which had previously been wasted trouble shooting problems, or fixing problems created by our previous provider.

After pro-actively spending time getting to know our network the team also uncovered the problem that had been causing us mail synchronisation problems, again caused by our previous supplier.

Suffice to say I am extremely happy to be writing this testimonial as Altrico have saved our business considerable time, money and stress. I know when I call that I get the help that I need, and I cannot commend them enough for their excellent customer focus, attention to detail and the fact that they speak plain English, another issue with our past supplier.

As many of our team are mature ladies who are not IT literate they want simple answers and assistance for their problems, not a mind boggling barrage of questions about network cables, drivers and conflicts!

Mr Dave Rushton - Commercial and Development Manager