Case Study - Mirage Investments

Mirage Asset Management LLP a new firm of Independent Financial Advisers was set up in March 2004 and a decision was made to use Adviser Office by First Software at the outset of the Company.

Within a very short space of time we had moved from working at home to working in an office environment where a Network was necessary.

We then approached a firm that was recommended by First Software to provide the necessary network services for us, and the associated document management system.

Unfortunately for us we did not realise that this firm did not operate to the highest professional standards and installed a pirate version of the Document Management Software for our system. They also did not fully configure our Network to allow us to derive the maximum benefit from our investment.

Around this time, we were introduced to Altrico Ltd and invited them to assist us in sorting out the mess that we were in. We had several issues, the primary issue being the legal licensing of our Document Management System which could have cost us several thousand pounds We also had an associated problem with our appointed representative, who was convinced that their IT specialist had the answer to the meaning of life and that everything they said was absolutely accurate and that all the faults that they were having with the System were due to faults on the Mirage Asset Management Computer Network.

Over the next two months, Altrico acted with commendable restraints and a calm and dignified approach to the problems. First of all they assisted us in negotiations with the Document Management Company to ensure that our system was properly licensed and that we had a legal copy of the software installed on our system at no further cost! This is now fully functioning with our Back Office System and together with our Adviser Office Client Record Systems.

The next key element they sorted out for us, was the major problem with our firm of Appointed Representatives’ with their 5 Salesmen who maintained it was our fault they could not connect to our system.

After several tests and again good humour and restraint showed by Altrico it was quietly demonstrated to them that the type of modem they were using at their office was the one modem available in the entire market that only allowed one computer to set up a Virtual Private Network contact at any one time and did not allow multiple VPN sessions. Their ‘expert IT man’ did not have sufficient knowledge of the product he was maintaining to be able to provide this information and when finally he had to admit that he caused all this trouble and was totally wrong, did not have the good grace to offer an apology which was obviously due to Altrico and to us at Mirage Asset Management.

For a small business we have an extremely sophisticated network setup using terminal services to provide outhouse support and remote access for approximately twelve people working outside the office, together with a full network service inside the office. This is fully maintained twenty four seven by Chris and John and we have maintained an enviable record of providing a full on service with very few breaks due to downtime.

They are always ready to advise and take the best course of action and are quite happy to recommend going to other providers when it is outside their speciality. In particular when it came to having a Mortgage Website they assisted us in our choice of Mortgage Web provider, reasoning that this was not within their normal field of expertise, and they assisted us in the necessary set up to achieve these objectives.

They have stood by us every step of the way in all our major decisions regarding IT and we would not now make any decision regarding IT investments or amendments to our system without fully consulting them first. They have the full charge of our system and our total confidence and it is fair to say that security and the future of our Business Record System is entirely based on their expertise.

We are more than happy to recommend their services to anybody who wants a good reliable confident team to look after their network installation. We would be more than happy to talk to anybody who is thinking of doing business with Altrico and to go through what they have done with us and how our system works and how they constantly support us. They are constantly looking for new ways to assist us in deriving the maximum benefit from our investment and we have a very fruitful relationship with them.

Just this week we have concluded management agreements with two companies adding substantial profitability to our business based on the computer service we are uniquely positioned to provide with our set up.

With their backing we face the future with total confidence. Anybody who requires confirmation of how we feel about them and the service they provide please contact the writer R. W. Edgell on 0117 9458787.