Case Study - Churchill Investments plc

Our business is heavily reliant on its IT infrastructure to meet day to day business objectives- producing reports and recommendations for clients, generating portfolio valuations and buying and selling investments on behalf of clients.

Our previous IT support company mis-sold us an expensive Citrix solution which was not only a very expensive overhead but also made us less productive and the all too frequent problems were sapping staff morale.

This came to a head when our network ceased to function and we suffered three weeks of total downtime during which productivity was virtually zero. I decided to cut my losses and call in another IT support company.

Altrico immediately took ownership of our problem and they gave us a step by step account of what they were proposing to do to rectify the situation. Altrico showed us how we could make the most of our existing hardware/software and create a much simpler and more robust network.

Impressed by their professionalism and courteous manner, we decided to commission Altrico to carry out this project. It was not long before we were back online and our network had at last became stable.

Having this and a responsive support operation means we have been able to stop worrying about IT problems and concentrate on our business, with the result that office productivity has improved substantially.

Mr Jamie Ware, Managing Director